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Beet develops process optimization tools for the next evolution of manufacturing culture.

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What could you do with an extra 104.1 seconds per cycle?

In just 3 months, Envision helped a cutting-edge automotive manufacturer identify a potential 46.25 reduction in their total cycle time.

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What if you could identify failures 10.5 hours in advance?

Envision’s preventative analysis capabilities gave CNC machine operators advance warning of an impending spindle breakdown, and the potential to avoid hours of costly downtime.

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Would an extra 10,000 vehicles impact your bottom line?

Envision was able to identify more than 100 opportunities for optimization in a major automotive manufacturer’s assembly line, delivering massive potential for increased throughput.

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What if you could identify inefficiencies 85% faster?

Envision helped a body framer identify and validate process inefficiencies 85% faster than before, and with an additional 40% reduction in root cause analysis time.

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About Us

Evolving the culture of manufacturing

With decades of experience in the automation systems industry, Beet Analytics Technology creates products and solutions that help companies be more proactive, more accountable and more efficient than ever before. Our guiding principle has always been to simplify the complicated. With the launch of our flagship product, Envision, we’re doing exactly that for a wide variety of complex factory lines and processes.

Beet Analytics Technology is located in Detroit, MI, Automotive Capital of the World and home to some of the most developed automation systems in existence. Our team of automation professionals, technical experts, developers and seasoned executives has helped some of the most renowned manufacturing organizations reach unprecedented levels of system performance and process optimization.


Optimization made simple Optimization made simple

Our flagship solution Envision is a one-of-a-kind data acquisition and process visualization system designed to help manufacturers reach new heights of optimization. Envision makes it easy to see what’s happening now, what will happen soon, and what should be done to make the most of your production potential.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Envision’s process visualization system is the only solution on the market that provides real-time degeneration data, allowing your team to see and address problems BEFORE a fault occurs for a significant reduction in unplanned downtime. Envision also makes it easy to correlate data and identify patterns over longer periods of time, so you can predict when recurring maintenance will be necessary, and replace your default maintenance schedule with one based on real, reliable data.

Gain Better Visibility Gain Better Visibility

Envision make’s it easy for any member of your team to quickly assess performance, make decisions and take immediate action by providing provides more data, more accurately, more intuitively. Our unique visual display uses Gantt style charts and a simple color-coding system to represent actual versus allocated cycle-time for each component. No stopwatches. No guessing. No time wasted.

Reveal Hidden Capacity Reveal Hidden Capacity

Envision’s detailed visual data helps you bring lag times, production gaps and unused assets to light, revealing inefficiencies and opportunities for meaningful optimization that would otherwise remain hidden. Our system paints a clear picture of how, when and where throughput can be increased, and how maximum production can be achieved.

2 ENVISION VERSIONS for any manufacturing need
Envision | System Scope for single machine applications
Envision | Factory Smart for entire line or factory applications

How It Works


On average, our clients experience 10-15% improvement in throughput, 2% improvement in OEE and a 75% reduction in time to solve problems and validate fixes, all within just a few weeks of Envision’s installation. Here are just a few examples of those results.

Improved Cycle Time

When a cutting-edge automotive manufacturer approached Beet for a BSR50 analysis, Envision was able to identify that the operator over-cycle was slowed down by an average of 80 seconds and the tooling over-cycle lagged by an average of 8.6 seconds per cycle. Additionally, the wait for the 50RB2 C-Gun Weld over-cycle was underperforming by an average of 15.5 seconds per cycle. During this three-month project, Envision helped them identify potential improvements of 104.1 seconds, and 46.25% of total cycle time.

Predicting and Reducing Downtime

While monitoring a large CNC machining process with a cycle time of 51.2 seconds, Envision was able to alert operators to a major spindle breakdown 10.5 hours before it occurred. The downtime, which could have been prevented, lasted for hours, costing the plant valuable production time.

Finding the Hidden Factory

When piloted on a major automotive manufacturer’s Body Side line, Envision was able to identify more than 100 .5 to 1-2 second delays that were happening on various stations every day. It was predicted that the plant would be capable of facilitating an extra 10,000+ vehicles per year once the issues Envision illuminated were resolved.

Guiding Preventative Maintenance

When Envision was installed to monitor the efficiency of a body framer system, the software identified six areas in which the process was not operating at maximum efficiency. With Envision, these problems were identified and validated 85% faster than before, and with an additional 40% reduction in time spent for root cause analysis.


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